Discoveries on Missions Part 1

John Piper taught on Missions in Nashville a few weeks ago. Here are his first 5 discoveries:I exist for the supremacy of Christ in all things for the joy of all peoples.Goals:A new passion for His supremacy Romans 5. Glory revealed to us through Jesus- end of RomansHis supremacy in All Things (missions) to reach …

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AMOR Brazil

Being involved with AMOR Brazil has been such an encouragement to me! I went to the Amazon with the UofL School of Medicine in June of  2012. I was so glad to go and get to see Dr. Steve Wheeler in action. Having him as a mentor made it very clear that God was already …

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Wise Fatherhood from Proverbs by Andrew Wilkinson

Wise Fathering According to ProverbsIntro17:6 – “the glory of sons is their fathers.”God chooses to identify himself as FatherWe are all incredibly shaped by our fathers (or lack thereof)Because of these honors bestowed on fatherhood, there is much potential condemnation or potential glory5 roles of a wise father1. A wise teacher1:8 – speaks and writes …

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