Discoveries in Missions Part 3 Q and A

Q and A- Ray Ortlund Jr. and John Piper

Ray- The first question is: If I’m imprisoned in my own self exaltation, how can I get free?

John- If they realize it, they are actually very close to the kingdom. You can’t open the prison. Humility is the one virtue you can’t pursue directly. Look outside yourself steadfastly at Christ where he bought your delivery. Cast yourself on His mercies that perhaps He may grant you repentance. Paul said, “I die everyday.” He was constantly believing and fighting to the end with a superior treasure.

Ray- The second question is: With the ultimacy of God’s Glory and the obviousness of our evil, how can I reconcile this personally? (ie the goodness of God v the sin of man, suffering, evil)

John- You can’t by thinking about the horrors of Your life. The only way you can believe that those things won’t govern you is to hear the Word of God. Memorize Romans 8. You will never be in a situation where God will not have a word for you. If your wife or your child goes through the windshield that is what the Bible means by slaughter. And Paul says God’s love prevails over even that.

Ray- The third question is: How do I know that God has called me to be a missionary?

John- In Romans 15:18 Paul quotes Isaiah and tells the Romans that it was written to certify his preaching to those where Christ had not been named. He used the Bible, not just his experience.
Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send out laborers to the field where there are not churches in preference to sending more to “churched” areas.


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