Discoveries in Missions Part 2

6. God demands that the Nations be happy in Him: Ps 47:1, 66:1, 67:3, 68:32, 96:1, 98:4, 100:1

That focus is at the core of being Christian.

Conversion- Mt 13:44 Joy to sell everything and buy the Field of God’s happiness, which is the treasure found, that makes everything feel like there was never a sacrifice. Our hearts joy is shifted from non-God to God.

Faith- John 6:35 comes= no hunger, believes= no thirst. The soul has a hunger and can feed on the Bread of Jesus, coming to Him to be satisfied.

Self-denial- Mark 8:34 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but if they lose it for my sake, will gain it. It cannot be absolute self-denial, but there is plenty of it in the Christian life on the way to heaven. (Denying mudpiles to have a holiday at the sea, but we are far too easily pleased.)

Joy- 2 Cor 1:24 We work with you for your Joy. The goal of your ministry is your peoples’ joy.

Mt 25:23 Enter into the joy of your Master.  That we might have the Joy Jesus has in us would mean we need to have a new spiritual body. I can’t stop wanting to be happy and that is God given.

7. Lewis and Edwards showed me (John Piper) that God’s pursuit of Glory and my (John Piper’s) pursuit of joy are not separate because God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in Him. Philippians 1:20

God is glorified in i. Appearing to our understanding

                            ii. Communicating Himself to our hearts

Not only by his Glory being seen, but by being rejoiced in and received by the mind and the heart.

Lewis- All enjoyment spontaneously pours over into praise. The humblest praise the most and urge us to join them.

8. Motivation for doing world evangelization:

We need not and dare not choose between a passion for God’s glory and a compassion for the hurting peoples of the world. (Combining points 5-7)

A person with compassion should ask what is the greatest and longest happiness a person can have? If we care about people, we will care about suffering, especially eternal suffering. The greatest good is not just escape from Hell, but escape to God’s presence (Psalm 16:11).

The people doing rescue want to rescue into the Joy of God, that’s Love.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering. –Moravians

The goal of compassion and the goal of the glory of God are the same. When we feel that desire for someone’s need, we should realize that its goal is for them to be happy in God.

9. Worship is the goal and the fuel of missions.

Goal- Not the acts of the physical body in worship Mt 15:8; worship is an affair of the heart close to God. –For the Father is seeking such people to worship Him (In Spirit and in Truth) The Holy Spirit is enlivening our affections to the reality of His Truth.

“Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” All of life is worship of God if it is being produced by this affection for God.

Fuel- Acts 20:35 more blessed (happy) to give than to receive. You are happy when you give your joy away to others. If your joy expands to include them it gets bigger! The missionary is like a high pressure zone that brings “wind” (love) to a low pressure zone (those without affection for Jesus) Not self-denial of joy… you get more joy!!!


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