Discoveries on Missions Part 1

John Piper taught on Missions in Nashville a few weeks ago. Here are his first 5 discoveries:

I exist for the supremacy of Christ in all things for the joy of all peoples.


  1. A new passion for His supremacy Romans 5. Glory revealed to us through Jesus- end of Romans
  2. His supremacy in All Things (missions) to reach the unreached peoples of the world
  3. For the sake of the Joy of all Peoples

Abraham went out not knowing where he was going- Abraham was “crazy” because of God’s calling. That is what you are supposed to be.


1. Focus on the roots- If you focus on the branches without serious focus on the root, you undermine your desire for the branches to bear fruit.

Criticism: “Why did you say so little about the miseries of the world? And instead why did you focus on God and His Glory?”

Christianity Today- Robert Woodbury- The World the Missionaries Made

Lightning BOLT! “Nuance: The positive effect on democracy applies only to conversionary protestants.” Their focus was on conversion, not on the other “unintended” positives (stopping sex slavery, clean water, medical help, etc). We want mainly eternal fruits, so we must focus on the roots. Missionaries/churches lose their influence when they only focus on cultural change.

2. The Global South- Philip Jenkins: Astonishing growth of church in Asia, Africa, Latin America and decline of Europe and maybe America soon. Europe had 70% of the world’s Christian population earlier on. By the end of the 20th century Europe had 28% and Africa and Asia held 43%.

Mark Noll- The New Shape of World Christianity

Last Sunday more Presbyterians in gathered for church in Ghana than in Scotland.

God is doing an amazing thing in our day and it doesn’t have us (Western culture) at the center.

 3. From everywhere to everywhere- Asian and African missionaries in Britain.

4000 agencies, 250 000 missionaries, from 200 countries

With great growth since 1980- Operation World

½ located in the Global South.

But God is still mercifully blessing us.

614 missionaries sent per million church members in US.

32 400 sent to US from other nations.

4. Dad- what happened to John Piper that he would speak so much about missions?

John was honoring his father as an example for us to honor our fathers biblically.

 -He prayed almost always for missionaries

-He loved the Glory of God and spoke of it often

-He really believed in the “ lostness” of men without Christ

-He paid with remarkable sacrifices in reaching lost peoples

-He told stories of the conversions at Monday dinners

-He modeled faith in the Sovereign Goodness of God and trusted God to live off of love offerings.

Relentlessly push on the Glory of God!

What are the implications of this on the world?

God can break patterns of generational sin because God puts a spirit of Sonship in us, and it is off the charts what your Father has for you.

5. Fuller and Jon Edwards wakened Piper to the centrality of the Glory of God as God’s goal including God goal in missions. “The End for which God created the world.” We live in a day where God’s passion for God is highly offensive because we intend to be the captain of our little boat. God is the captain of our souls, so that we can share the passion of God in enjoying God.  God is not an idolater.

Eph 1:4 For the praise of the Glory of His grace.

Isaiah 43:6-7 Created for His Glory.

Isaiah 49:3 God called Israel for His Glory.

Psalm 106:7 God rescued Israel for His Namesake.

1 Sam 12 God did not cast them away for His Name.

Ezekiel 36 God restored Israel for His Name.

John 12:27 Jesus endured suffering for God’s Glory.

John 17:1 Glorifying the Son to Glorify the Father

Isaiah 43:25 God forgives sin for His Name

Psalm 25:11 Pardon my sin for Your Name

Acts 12:23 Herod did not give God Glory

2 Thess 1:9 Jesus is coming for God’s Glory

John 17:24 That we would see and enjoy His Glory

Hab 2:14 To fill the earth with the knowledge of His Glory

Rom 11:36 From Him and to Him be the Glory

God’s passion for God is unmistakable. This is the ultimate ground for missions. Rom 1:5 Missionary text. Psalm 96 He has Imperial Majesty.

His passion is the deepest Passion and foundation for my passion.


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