AMOR Brazil


Being involved with AMOR Brazil has been such an encouragement to me! I went to the Amazon with the UofL School of Medicine in June of  2012. I was so glad to go and get to see Dr. Steve Wheeler in action. Having him as a mentor made it very clear that God was already doing a great work in Brazil, and that we were just joining Him in what He was already doing.

It’s amazing how He has already set up the ministry. Regional pastors traveled alongside us to spread the Word while we were doing medicine during the day, and late into the night. The Lord gave me a heart for these people that spend their lives along the river. So many awesome faces full of light and deep burden make you want to stay forever.
Each morning when we went on shore, the day began with purpose.  The kids loved VBS, hundreds were served with medicine, and over 20 people got saved while we were there. 
Soccer became a new hobby for me after sliding around in the cow pastures. I’m so thankful for the crew and especially captain William. They keep this thing going and have a vision for the future. But God was there before them and He will keep moving forward in Amazonas. I’m looking forward to going back this summer and seeing what the Lord has planned for us to do!

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