Wise Fatherhood from Proverbs by Andrew Wilkinson

Wise Fathering According to Proverbs


  • 17:6 – “the glory of sons is their fathers.”
  • God chooses to identify himself as Father
  • We are all incredibly shaped by our fathers (or lack thereof)
  • Because of these honors bestowed on fatherhood, there is much potential condemnation or potential glory

5 roles of a wise father

1. A wise teacher

  • 1:8 – speaks and writes truth, instructs, pleads
  • 1:11 – knows what sinners say
  • 1:20 – knows what wisdom says
  • 2:1-5 – teaches true spiritual cause and effect

2. A wise example

  • 4:11 – leads by example
  • 4:3-4 – Follows his own father’s example

3. A wise planner-provider

  • 13:22 – plans for his children’s children

4. A wise trainer

  • 19:18 – Disciplines his son, hopes
  • 22:6 – Trains his child
  • 22:15 – uses rod and reproof to instill wisdom
  • 22:17 – Disciplines for future rest and for future delight

5. A wise encourager

  • 10:1 – delights in a wise son
  • 23:15 – delights in his son 


*We pursue wise fatherhood as free men because of the gospel – no condemnation. 

*Isaiah 56:3-6 – God promises the eunuchs a name better than sons or daughters if they do the things that please him.  These principles are not limited to biological fathers; every man can be a spiritual father in the church.  


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