God’s Promised Kingdom (Part 1)

Background- They make it to the Promised Land after a lot of battles led by God with Joshua as his military leader and Moses as His spiritual leader. Moses did not get to the Promised Land, but Joshua continued God’s campaign to secure a land for His people.

The Judges- Judges 2:23-3:6
God did not drive out all the nations around the promised-land because of the Jews DISOBEDIENCE.
These nations were left for the TESTING of Israel to TRAIN them for war.

Israel asks for a King- 1 Samuel 8
v 1-3 Samuel’s sons perverted JUSTICE.
v 6-7 Israel REJECTS God in asking for a king because He was their King.
God gives them a bad King- 1 Samuel 13
v 12-14 our OBEDIENCE is better than our SACRIFICE

King David- Psalm 69
God gives them a King after His HEART
David is OBEDIENT in the call of the Lord
God makes a COVENANT with David

David is a picture of Jesus who comes to regain His KINGDOM
Matthew 1:1- Jesus is an earthly heir of DAVID
Matthew 4:17- Jesus DEMANDS repentance for the Kingdom of Heaven
Summary: We are to REPENT and OBEY to be part of the Kingdom of God


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