God’s People (Part 1)

The Covenant of Grace

“Covenant is a relationship with God on His terms.” – Mark Driscoll

1. The First Covenant- was with Noah after the flood.

All people had broken the heart of God and the commands of God; Noah though righteous was not sinless and would have died if God had not saved him.

Genesis 8:21 Sacrifice is always involved
– The curse of the ground is lifted, but sin and death remained
9:1, 8-9 Man is blessed through Noah’s family
– He receives the same blessings as in Creation

How has God blessed you?
What has He saved you from?

2. The Second Covenant- was with Abram.

Genesis 12:1-3
a. Abram is called into relationship with God
b. He is told to go to a different land (Promised Land)
c. All the Nations are blessed through Him

How is the world blessed through Abram?
Jesus is his offspring

Where has God called us to go? Where are we going?
Pray and receive God’s direction!


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