Hello my name is…

So one night I couldn’t sleep.. my mind was racing and I can’t remember why. Maybe I had too much coffee before bed, which often is the case. I want to call this a vision, but maybe its not the prophetic kind though I’m of the impression that it is most likely the case…

I arrived in an airport in China and went through customs. They checked my suitcase to search for anything illegal especially Bibles. Though instead of being filled with clothes (apparently I was going to where the same clothes the entire trip) it was filled with composition books each one a different color. Then of course they ask me what they are for… my response: “The children,” I said casually and calm.

Honestly, I must have been in a hurry because I immediately arrived at an underground church. Thankfully, I was not the only American many of my friends had travelled with me. We all walked through what Americans would call a medium sized gathering of a hundred or so to the front altar. There we stopped to introduce ourselves to the elders. I started out and said, “Hello my name is Colossians.” And the next one said, “I’m Romans.” The next, “I’m Ephesians.” And so on until we had covered the New Testament if not the whole Bible. Immediately we unpacked the composition books and began to write, each one from memory the books of the Bible we had named.

Sadly that was the end of the vision and I did not see the joyful acceptance of the Word that would come quickly after or the fellowship in Christ that we as Americans would share with our brothers in China. But I had seen many children in that congregation patiently and joyfully waiting on the Lord. May this come to fruition.


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