To Africa

Image by TK McKamy
to africa by: Theresa Fagundes
with hopes to cure
hopes to conquer
hopes to endure
to wade through the suffring
cast some hope on the ground
take the hand of the hopeless
allow hope to abound
plant hope in their eyesight
grow hope from the trees
eat hope at the table
feel hope in the breeze
i found hope at the sealine
at the black african shore
i stepped into the ocean
and ached only for more
i felt hope on the mountain
whipped around by the winds
hope bout knocked me over
forgot all my sins
stood at that summit
tried to soak it all in
sun burnt me discreetly
more hope’s never been
just erupted from inside
Volcano of hope in my chest
just erupted all over
spilt out on my breast
come, momma, take some hope from me
i know this isn’t all you’ll ever be
come, baby, take some hope from me
i hope this isn’t all you’ll ever be
if i could pass you the world

just pass it right through

i think good things would happen

if the world was with you

cuz your heart’s just like gold

and i hear what you say

about going to learn

and coming back someday

to spread a little hope

and share what you know

so your people can hope

so your people can grow

if i could open the world

just peel it open for you

believe me i’d do it

i’d cross oceans for you


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