Get the Men

by Mark Driscoll

…Why only men should be pastors:
Back to the story, Jesus picks twelve men. There are reasons that we have this position, and it’s not because we like all the criticism and controversy. It’s not like I woke up one day and I was like, “I would like to get whacked like a piñata. I know what will do it, male pastors, that will do it. That will ensure that I get criticized until I die. I’m going to go with that because it’s a shortcut to getting beat like a piñata.” I didn’t pick that position. God wrote that position in the Bible, so we hold to that position, and it’s a position that, quite frankly, is the position that Jesus operated by. He wasn’t scared of anyone. He didn’t mind breaking social taboos. He did increase great liberation for women, but he didn’t appoint any of them as apostles.

My daughter recently asked me about this. She’s in junior high, smart gal, real sharp, good student, good theologian, good writer. She’s a great gal, love her, we’re real close. She said, “Dad, I don’t believe a woman should be a pastor, but some of the friends that I have in school do, and we were talking about that. And if you had to pick one section of the Bible to explain where it says that a woman can’t be a pastor, where would you go?” Good question, we’re sitting there I said, “Okay, grab your Bible, babe. Go to 1 Timothy 2. ‘I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man.'” She says, “Well, that’s pretty clear.” “Yeah, I know. Keep reading, next chapter, 1 Timothy 3, what does it say?” “‘An elder must be above reproach, the husband of one wife.'” She said, “Well, that’s crazy, that’s obvious.” To some, it is. She said, “Dad, then how could they get that to say something that it’s not?” I said, “Honey, they’re wrong.” She said, “So the churches that have women pastors are wrong?” I said, “Yeah, they’re wrong. They’re Christians, and they can love Jesus, and we can be friends with them, and we can work with them for evangelism and good things, and we can try to be on good terms, and they’re wrong. They would say there’s things that we’re wrong about, and maybe there are. We need to humbly listen to them, and go back to the Bible, and see if there’s anything we need to clean up and work on and fix, because nobody’s perfect except for Jesus. Everybody’s got something to learn.”


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