Why Revival Tarries

Written by Curt Vernon
Sunday, 20 April 2008

I’m afraid I know why revival tarries…

It tarries because young men serve two masters

It tarries because people are fervent
In their consumption of juice and bread
But reluctant to eat His flesh and drink His blood

It tarries because we love those on whom we’re called to lavish the Gospel
More than the Gospel we’re called to lavish

It tarries because we pursue repentance without Godly sorrow
Resurrection without death
The inheritance of eternal life without being willing to sell all we own, give the money to the poor
And follow Him
For we are all the rich young ruler in principle

It tarries because we fear hell more than the God who formed it
Love our wives and children more than the One who is their source
Refuse to give up our earthly citizenship and patriotism for the lasting city that is to come

Because we love pleasing men more than gratifying heaven
We love morality more than imitation
Flesh more than Spirit
Visible more than the invisible
Slavery more than freedom
Temporary glory more than crowns that will never learn to rust

We love good at the expense of best

We trade the heart cries of heaven for our petty dreams
Salvation for lust
Bloody cleansing for guilt
Faith for doubt
Holiness for happiness
Eternal truth for the passing pleasures of fickle lies

We trade momentary mourning that produces eternal comfort
In exchange for a false security and comfort that leads to eternal mourning

Many are choosing short-lived earthly marriages
Over the delight of a tangible romance that laughs at death

The prayers that we unremorsefully refrain from praying
The tears that we are not broken enough to shed
The lost that we are not vulnerable enough to love
All humbly make their way to the throne room of God
And beg Him to let revival tarry–
Beg Him to keep kingdom from coming
For just a little longer
Heaven cries “No more!!”
Creation groans “No more!!”
And Jesus…

He just weeps.

And the ground that caught both His blood and His tears pleads,
“No more.”

This pocket change that we call our lives
Should be offensive to bring
In exchange for the priceless pearl we’ve been offered
And yet we who call ourselves the Kingdom of God
Have the audacity to be reluctant!

Every apathetic American church member–
Every pastor who thinks he lacks the gift of intercession–
Every elderly lover of God that wastes their latter years
In heretical retirement that they claim to have earned–
Every young believer that would rather give their future
To success than the poverty that makes many rich–
Every mother that cannot imagine loving Christ
So intensely that her love for her children becomes like hate in comparison-
Every father that has never known the heartbreaking satisfaction of brokenness-
All of us who have never loved revival enough to hurt on its behalf

We are all guilty of murder, and
We are all standing before Love with blood on our hands
There is no such thing as innocent ignorance for the children of God

You have been bought so that you can be spent

And we shall spend and be spent on behalf of Kingdom come
Oh, there is nothing more beautiful or glorious
Than being poured out like a drink offering by the Father
Because before He pours us He must
Touch us

Can you imagine?!
To be touched by the hands for whom and by whom the concept of touch was created

People of God, please acknowledge
That we are either for Him or against Him

Truth is not dependent upon our acknowledgement of Truth
Truth is merely a pawn in our Father’s game
It is bowed – gladly –
At His throne, waiting to submit to His opinions
Because truth has no identity outside of Him
He is both its Source and its Creator
When Christ, who is our life, appears
May we not make Him ask again, “Where are you? Who told you that you were naked?”

Why does revival tarry?

It tarries because of me
And it tarries because of you
It tarries because we have given it no reason to do anything but tarry

But no more.

Let us prophesy as we have been commanded
He is waiting to exhale
They are waiting for Him to exhale
Heaven is longing for Him to exhale
Revival is on the tip of His tongue!

May revival no longer tarry on account of our passionate silence.

No more.


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