How could we possibly stop?

A Poem by Jaron Johns

If you could hear God speak, what would you do?
What if you could hear him?
To what ends would you go?
Where would you stop?

Would you stop?
How could you stop?

Would you clean yourself to the bone?
Till the blood ran steady at your feet,
Till the blood ran to His feet?
Dead at his feet, dead in our homes,

Just to hear the word from his mouth,
“Live, oh you bones!”

To feel the breath twist around us as sinews anew.
With his blood and his call,
to suffer and fall,
only to rise at his side,

Just to hear the word from his lips,
“Well done, oh my bride!”

Would you stop?!
How could you stop?
We will never stop!

For to hear God speak is a mystery unknown,
we live in such silence with nothing to show,
His promise to know him lies untouched or accepted
as his face remains un-shown
Let us not stop till He tells us His wisdom,
till we know all His love,
Till his scent fills our nostrils, and we’re covered in blood,

We won’t stop,
We will never stop!!!

And never will He.


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