The Friend of the Bridegroom

I’m stuck in my own trap, I’m hung on my own gallows
I’m parading the man I’ve hated, I crucified the Son of God
I took that man’s only little sheep, I’ve committed adultery
When I knew it was all about Your faithfulness, faithfulness

I’m not as good as half of what I thought was
what I think I am, no You are infinitely more (Romans 3:10)
Come and slay my self-esteem, put my ego to rest
Take this heart and raise it to the ground
Take my world and shake it so all that’s left is You
Bring my high places down, make them low

Bridegroom won’t You come and get Your wife?
Lord, I’m begging You. Cuz she is struggling hard with sin
Won’t You come and let her in?
We’ll come and dine with You my friend.

You are the One who was to come,
I will not hope for another
You are the One who is to come,
I will expect no One else.
So make me more than a reed swayed by the wind
Promenade me in my finest rags
I’m no prophet, no I’m no Elijah
But I will be Your messenger, send me out!

I have no demon
You are no drunkard
And I’m willing to befriend sinners with You

I baptize with water,
but Your Spirit and Your fire they baptize me!

Bridegroom won’t You come and get Your wife?
Cuz I’m more than willing to be Your friend.
Though I’d prefer to be Your Best-man.
You know I’d love to be Your Bride.
And that’s what I am.

Thank you Jesus!


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