A Prayer

So what would happen if we stopped tiptoeing around the pool of intimacy with God and just jumped in? What would it look like if we actually cried out to Him for the things we needed and the questions we desperately want answered? Why are we holding Him back? He died so His Spirit could move! Let us give up our pride enough to confess our sins to our friends explicitly. If it breaks our hearts then we know repentance is close at hand. Let us stop trying to outdo each other in schoolwork or life in general, but let us outdo one another in showing honor to each other. Some people say prayer gets results, but the Truth is prayer gets relationship and talking to the Creator is the result because He answers. May we seek Him so much more in our daily lives that we can’t help it, we can’t hold Him in. Let us stop putting restrictions on when and where it is appropriate for Him to be mentioned no matter how embarrassing. May He enter our thought lives and turn them on their heads so that all our words are His words of encouraging admonishing Love. LORD make our hearts cling to Yours so much that if we are separate from You we feel them rip.


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